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:eek: How does becoming a rehabiliting Nurse connect with Music therapy. I have a strong desire to help people in the healthcare field, and Love to sing. I heard about the Music therapy. What a... Read More

  1. by   zuzi
    Moorning all! Well... what you say is a little bit controversial..and I will tell you why! First of all, you have right and official licence could be ok, BUT I will describe some cases, I know a musical therapist, I am pretty sure that he dosen't have any of your diploma, but belive me, people from where I come, love him badly. He play nice, because play from his heart to them hearts and people feel that! Also did you hear Dealilah shows on radio each night? No musical background for her, but she make people happy.

    My father told me... A PROFESSIONAL is a simple people who know his limits, practice well, but adapted to people and environmemnt and who dosen't have the preciosity and infatuation gave by his position or diploma. I wish you to hear our DJ, looool, people love him and wait for him, one of my oldies ask me one day, when he wasn't there,..if he is quit, looooool, and he play FREE!

    Be good guys, this life need to be lived beuatifull. Hugs Zuzi
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  2. by   Flame_07
    This is very informative. I work on a Rehab unit and the Nurse Manager was just discussing adding Music Therapy to our program. I also understand that there are facilities that has at least an hour for quiet time and during this hour music is played. There is so much information, I will see what type of degree our facility will be looking for.
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  3. by   Sportsax
    I am one of those that played music professionally for years including a stint on the road with one of George Strait's songwriters but just have a Bachelor of Music degree. I sing and play guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, saxophone, and drums. I have been conducting groups on a unit at a maximum security psychiatric hospital for about 5 years now.

    We have a central rehab area in another building that has three music therapy staff that work under the direction of a board certified music therapist. We have tried our patients over there in that music therapy department but they get kicked out for destroying property or being deemed too disruptive for their activities. Because of this, they end up with me for up to three sessions per day. I have run these groups by myself but over the last several years have taught some psychiatric nursing assistants to play instruments so we have a band now and they help.

    I disagree with the posters that indicated that those that followed the Music Therapy track leading up to board certification have something so special that makes them above folks like me. I have 9 hours of graduate work in psychology and have been on a treatment team for years. I have the backing of all the clinical staff here including the psychiatrist, chief psychologist, and program director.

    I would challenge any board certified music therapist to come here and take my groups for one month. Understand that we are the only maximum security hospital in the state and our unit is where the most aggressive are housed at this hospital.