medication education program

  1. Hello my fellow rehab nurses! I have worked in a hospital based, 24 bed, acute rehab unit for a little over two years and am working on changing our policy on the medication program. (used to be self-medication program, but pharmacy will not allow meds to be kept at bedside) I would appreciate from anyone who has any suggestions/ thoughts on a successful medication education program... Cheers.
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  3. by   CashewLPN
    Try info sheets, or, explaining to the pt which med is for what....

    Teach application of topicals , administeration of insulins....
    (in other words, do what is done on the other floors of the hospital.... if it is possible...)

  4. by   CaliNurse
    I also work in acute rehab. We have a long term unit where if requested or preferred by the patient they can self administer their own medications. We have never had anyone who actually wanted to. We were required to provide a locked box for anyone who wanted to self administer drugs. The system and P & P we follow - once it is determined we need a doctors order, the lock box, meds delivered from pharmacy each day. The box is unlocked each time by nursing and the pt can self administer then nursing locks is back. Seems a little funny but is flies during our inspection survey