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Hello, I wanted to know if any of you rehab nurses are LPNs and what your duties are within the rehab setting. Thanks... Read More

  1. by   mel1977
    I am a new GPN, I take boards the 30th of this month. I have been working at my facility since 1998 with a 3 year hiatus in there. I started as an AIde, worked as a unit sec. and now LPN duties. Ours is not a long term facility (NH) like some rehab units, ours is acute with SCI, CVA, TBI, Mulititrauma-peds, adolescents, geri you name it, we get it. Anyway-I pass meds, I tech on the floor doing patient care and will eventually charge if needed once licensed. Mostly I pass meds which I really like. I love patient care but since my back surgery, showers are hard to do (I work eves) and bending a lot can be problematic (though I am really doing well). So, those are my duties! Did you want more detailed?? ( I am IV certified and so forth)