Help with TBI Presentation!

  1. This is my first time doing a presentation on "What is the Nurse's Role in Rehab-Regarding TBI Patients". I have been looking for nursing articles on the subject, but come up short. (Manager wants articles quoted) We will be presenting to 3 hospitals - PLEASE HELP!!! Any ideas would help!!! Thank you all SOOOOO much for any help you offer!!
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  3. by   mel1977
    I wish I could pass along my 12 page paper to you about TBI and Behavior! My mom would be valuable to you to as she has been a TBI CRRN for 25 years, but if you need to quote an article, then neither one of us can really help here. Hmm, have you tried the National Brain Injury Assoc? Do you want actual ideas from us or sites? I can give ya tons of personal info (not PERSONAL but you know, what I have learned and know in this profession) but if that isn't what you need, I don't want to waste your time. I don't envy you though-doing my paper presentation was hard enough, just for 18 students, I can't imagine actual hospitals!GOOD LUCK TO YOU!!!!
  4. by   augigi
    I guess it's too late to help now, but you should have access to your institutional library, and learn how to do a search of the nursing literature. Sometimes it's as easy as doing a google search using your keywords to find relevant articles online.

    Hope it goes/went well!