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Rehab Nursing?

Hi everyone, I'm a new grad currently working in a hospital intern program haven't been too thrilled with the whole thing but things have gotten better and I'm plugging along. I recently found a job that's closer to me that I applied for and got a call from the recruiter for an interview working at a rehab hospital. IT sounds very interesting and I like the idea of being able to really get to know patients.

So does anyone have experience with rehab nursing? Did you like it not like it? How does it compare with a hospital? Same pace? Slower faster etc?? Salary wise? Just curious and kind of excited.. BTW, I know there is a link for rehab nursing but I figured I'd probably get more responses if I posted here.

IT's weird I don't know why but I have a really good feeling about this even though I don't know much about it???

Any input is appreciated. :)

Just curious, are you talking about physical rehab or chemical dependency rehab?

Oops sorry :D - good point. It's a physical rehab for med/surg, stroke, etc.. patients.. Thanks for pointing that out.

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