registry or travel work?


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hi everyone so i have been searching for a day travel assignment in phoenix and cant find one. however i talked to banner registry out there and they said i can do day shifts at multiple facilities and the pay is 45 per hr so basically it would be about the same as a travel contract even though i wont get a housing stipend- it adds up to about the same money per month if i do three 12's per week.

My question is dont i need to have lots of experience to do registry? i mean i know with traveling you should have experience too but they give you an orienation...with registry you go to so many different hospitals how could they possibly give you orientation at each hospital?

so i am just hesitant about the registry work and dont know if i will actually get three shifts per week with them...the agency said they THINK so but did not guarantee three shifts per week...and were also not very clear about orientation and said i would really have to just "jump in" and figure things out but how can i do that if i get no orientation to the unit at all??

any feedback would be good...

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Uh, I don't know what you've hear about orientation for travelers, but your "orientation" will be 1-2 shifts of filling out paperwork, getting a tour of your unit, and then being "thrown in" to working on your unit. If you don't feel like 8-12 hours is enough "orientation" for you, then I would advise against working registry OR as a traveler.


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