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Hey everyone, I've been wanting to start working in NYC for awhile, I've gotten my NY licensure a few years ago and it's time for a renewal. I figured I should put it to use!

I know it's a competitive field in the city, but I was thinking if I did registry/agency work, I can get a taste of east coast nursing, and get familiar with hospitals in the area. I've been as a RN working for the past 6 years in ER (registry for the last 2 years), albeit small community hospitals, but I believe I'm a strong, and hardworking nurse. I've also recently graduated with BSN last may (specifically to meet qualifications for magnet hospitals in the city).

I would appreciate it greatly if anyone could refer registries/agencies in NYC, and any insight as to availability (consistency) of work for agency nurses. Do hospitals in the city require agency nurses to be trauma certified, or have any certificates other than PALS, ACLS, BLS? Again, any input would be greatly appreciated!


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just wondering if you got sorted?

im currently in the process of applyong for my nyc licensure (i live in ireland) and i was told that going agency would be better while i was waiting for it to come through! if you did find out any id love to hear! :)

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Try Supplemental Healthcare Staffing. I have worked for them a few times - the office in Buffalo, NY is the one you would be going through and they are excellent! They have benefits, are quick to get things done, keep in touch with you, always pay on time and correctly, I have no complaints about that office at all. They are always my first choice! You can look online to see what openings they have: Health Care Staffing | Supplemental Health Care