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Specializes in ICU,CCU,CathLab nurse,Nurse Educator.

I am registering to Pearson Vue now and There's a question there that

Select the nursing program from which you graduated. Please fill in any combination of the following fields

Country: ___________________

City: ______________________

Or Program Code: ______________

I am able to enter only country rest I cant enter and I am not aware what to fill . I am from india BSN -RN. please do help me to register.

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Country: India


Or Program Code:  IN99F00000 (India)

NCLEX Process for International Nurses lists a Pearson VUE NCLEX candidate services phone number for India applicants.

Hope this helps.




Specializes in ICU,CCU,CathLab nurse,Nurse Educator.

Thanks Karen for your support. It really helped me to do registration with Pearson. 

Appreciate your support and valuable time given for me.



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