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Registration to FSCJ LPN Program Being Held Up

CJMurse CJMurse (New) New

I recently got accepted into the Summer 2017 LPN program at FSCJ and for some odd reasons they haven't registered me and my classmates into the program. I contacted the Dean and they said that I had to fill out a vocational application. That's what the hold up was, yet I had filled that application out last year and it was in the system. Previously, they said they didn't have the encoding numbers for the classes.

If anyone have information to share as to why the delay, it would be much appreciated.

Thanks, CJMurse

Rose_Queen, BSN, MSN, RN

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Your best bet is to contact the school. It is unlikely that anyone here works for the school to answer your questions. Beyond that, all anyone can do is guess, and that's not going to be accurate.