Registered for pre-reqs!

Nursing Students Pre-Nursing


I just wanted to say that I FINALLY got everything all figured out for getting into my local *community college* and I swear it was harder than getting into undergrad for my first bachelor's!

Anyway, finally registered for my classes. I'm taking:

- A&P I

- Trig (it's a pre-req for Stats since I don't have any undergrad math)

- Chemistry

So yay! :) Can't wait to start in September!

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Awesome and good luck! I've never taken trig, but I heard its kinda hard. Statistics should be a piece of cake. I'm going to give you a piece of advice for your anatomy classes: get Atlas of Anatomy by Thieme (50$ on amazon) it was save your life when studying for your lab classes and it's a great book for anyone in a medical related field

Good luck! I took A&P I last spring,but I am considering retaking it since my grade was only a C. Im probably right where you're at, I'm JUSTgetting started with my second semester of pre reqs so I've got a long ways to go. Study REAL hard!

I just started my prereqs this summer quarter. It feels good to finally be working towards nursing, even if it's only prereqs. I don't know how long it's been since you took math but I tested into trig too but decided to take pre-cal. Since it had been so long it really helped me to review the basics of college algebra before getting into the trig stuff. I think for me I just had to get back into my "math brain" lol. Good luck!!

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