What program should I take?

  1. I want to become a registered nurse when I graduated high school and earn my BSN. But I would like to know what program is more 'worth it' to take. As soon as I get out of High School, I don't know if I should go straight for a BSN program, or go for an ASN program and then bridge to a ASN-BSN program. I really have no problem with taking either program, but I want to know which one would be more efficient for me and my biggest desire is to jump right into the nursing field as soon as I can, which is why I'm debating the ASN program, because it's quicker. But if I have to take the BSN program and study for 4 years, I guess I don't have a choice, but I'll do whatever it takes to become an RN. While I'm in college, I'll definitely be a CNA because the experience is good, plus I gotta have a job to pay for college, so I think being a CNA would be perfect for me.
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  3. by   BSNbeDONE
    Your time to enter into nursing after graduation depends on who's hiring in the area you plan to live in. If you'll be living in a BSN-only/BSN-preferred area, then go for the BSN. If it makes no difference in your area and you want to enter into nursing quicker, then the ASN route might just work for you.

    However, you would also need to check with those during the hiring to see how new-grad friendly those facilities are. Just because they may be hiring a specific type of RN doesn't mean that you'll get a job, especially if you nearest healthcare facilities are requiring X-amount of years of experience before they'll even consider looking at your application.
  4. by   saraconrad
    Hey Jaida!

    I see you may be interested in applying to a BSN program. After becoming an RN in 2015, I went straight to getting my BSN. If you're as busy as I was, I did an all online RN-BSN program through Aspen University. It wasn't that expensive and it was only 10 months! Just a suggestion to check out (: I can tell you where I signed up if you would like