What accreditation Am I Looking For in a BSN Program - page 2

Hello everyone, I am having trouble understanding the accreditation needed for a RN-BSN program. I'll give you a quick layout of my education and my future education plans. I attended Unitek... Read More

  1. by   acarson7
    Thank you! This helped
  2. by   JRM357NP
    Along with Accreditation, make you are looking for a strong program with a high percentage of first time passing on the boards. Often times Healthcare facilities know the programs who sends out the higher caliber nurses... so keep that in mind as well. ** Believe me, not all institutions are made equal, I seen and experienced it. Best Wishes!!!
  3. by   Nina1234
    Hi acarson7..

    I wanted to ask you how was your experience at unitek. I'm currently interested In this school for the ADn program. I already have all my prereqs but did them at ccsf. I pretty much been applying at ccsf for their RN program but haven't had any luck.