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  1. I am currently in the ADN nursing program at Horry Georgetown Technical College. Like any nursing program, it has its positives and negatives but i have learned so much. I am in my fourth semester with only one semester to go! Unfortunately 5th semester is all anyone can talk about. 85% of the class every semester fails the class. People crying because they have 60 averages. Rumors have swelled that the program is being looked at by the board to be put on potential probation. I have already failed one class so i can not fail another or im out! ive already come so far! I want to transfer to trident technical college but im curious if my nursing classes will transfer. Has anyone going through a similar scenario and had their nursing classes transfer there?? After this semester i will be eligible to take the LPN exam. But my goal is RN! someone help me out! advice please!
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  3. by   NEOLUV
    I graduated from HGTC RN program in aug 2012 and unless things have drastically changed, the fail rate was not that high. We only had 5 ppl fail the semester. Study the class notes and READ THE ARTICLES and u will do fine. Alot of test questions come from the articles.
    As far as transferring goes, u will not be able to transfer all of your nursing courses.
  4. by   carolina88
    Thank you so much for responding and for the tips! Im glad to hear that the fail rate was not high for your class. All i hear from 5th semester students is that 85 percent of their class is currently failing miserably. And its all my class heard from the semester before as well. Everyone is somewhat on the edge of their seats. We are even the last class to take a summer semester. HGTC is stopping summer classes for the nursing program because of the increased fail rate during summer semesters. Who was your professor for 5th semester if you dont mind me asking? I know there has been some changes in the recent years, but if you had the same professors that 5th semester has right now, maybe i can breath a sigh of relief Congrats on getting your RN! What a wonderful accomplishment!
  5. by   NEOLUV
    Mrs. Mouzon was my professor. I think the first two tests were the hardest. Most of the class were struggling throughout the semester but pulled it out in the end. Especially on the last test. My scores were all in the 80's. I didnt really read the text much. I Read the articles multiple times and used Hurst review Med-surg book also. It helped. One more hint.... The best clinical for 5 th semester is Mrs. Perrine in georgetown. She is wonderful. And it was the only clinical in my class that was in the ICU. The rest were on the med surg floors. Its a bit if a drive to georgetown hospital but well worth it!!!!
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    Oops..... Typo.. I graduated aug 2013. Lol. Feels like soo long ago. Sorry
  7. by   carolina88
    yep. its mrs. mouzon and ms. kouns as the professors right now. so you didnt read the text book too much? hurst review med-surg book? i use reviews and rationals right now to break down the information and have practice questions which helps tremendously. Ill have to look into this Hurst book though! Thank you for all these wonderful tips! i truly appreciate it!
  8. by   janessa07
    I graduated Fall 2013 from HGTC- I was part of the 15% that passed (really it was like 24 out of 50 something that passed). READ YOUR BOOK!!!! Then after you read your book - google the crap out of anything that you can think of. Then after you know everything you can think of - do questions on the subjects. You won't find any that meet the level in which they ask them, but you will at least have a firm foundation to go in answering them. You really do need a 100% grasp on the information - and even then you will be guessing. Any drug mentioned in the powerpoints is fair game, so you better know what drug turns your urine green. You only have one chance to pass the class. You need to turn it into your job/life. Its just 3 months. But honestly I feel sorry for anyone going into that class with a previous repeat. I don't think any school will allow you to come in and do the last semester - they all have a minimum amount of credits needed to get a degree from their school. You would likely have to almost start over.
  9. by   carolina88
    see.. this is why i am so torn should i bite the bullet and fight with 5th semester, or should i do the online LPN-RN track while i work as an LPN and get my RN that way in under a year?? After 4th semester i can take the NCLEX-PN. Since ive already failed one class i cant fail again or im out of the program and many other programs for atleast 2yrs. Out of both georgetown's and grand strand's campuses (both have 5th semester right now) almost all are failing. They say its awful and even people who are repeating are failing again and saying that nothing has changed and its dreadful. Im just struggling on if i want to pay the money for that much of a risk and failout rate. It just seems like passing the last semester is out of reach for almost everyone Would online classes while getting experience as an LPN, be the better route? Not sure if yall had any classmates that took that route or if you could offer advice since yall went through this same program recently??

    I appreciate both of yall's tips as well. Ill take anything and everything when it comes to advice at this point so that i can achieve my dream!
  10. by   haileyking
    Hey guys ! I am planning on participating in this program in the fall of 2018. I'm currently a high school senior and I was sure I wanted to do this and then attend CCU. I am leaning towards doing the 2+2 Residential Nursing Program. Reading this kind of made me skeptical about attending HGTC. My overall goal is to become a Nurse Anesthetist. Can I get some advice ?