RN with BSN or MSN?

  1. I'm changing my career to nursing and have been accepted to top nursing programs in NYC. However, I can't decide which one gives me the best chance to get employment after graduation a BSN or an MSN...
    My goal is to become an RN, because I'm older (40s) and I feel that becoming an NP at this point isn't realistic due to my age. In terms of employment, my plan is to work 2-3 years at a hospital, then transition into outpatient care and maybe start teaching after having 10+ years of experience.
    My main concern is getting employment after graduation, and just wondering which one gives me a better chance to get hired as an entry-level RN: a degree from an accelerated BSN or and accelerated MSN program. (Both programs have great reputation, same length, tuition is comparable, so pretty much everything is equal except the credentials BS vs. MS.)
    Personally, I have a slight preference for the MS program because of the curriculum, but wouldn't want to be in a position that I'm overqualified for RN jobs and end up being unemployed
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!
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  3. by   Sour Lemon
    When hiring new graduates, nursing managers seem to have a strong interest in paliable individuals. I think being in your 40's and having a higher degree could make you seem like you're not one of them. It might also hint at your plans to move away from the bedside sooner rather than later.