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  1. So this may be a silly question so bare with me. I graduate with my RN in May of 18 in IL. I plan to move out of state but am trying to decide timing and where I want to get my RN-BSN. My question is- I know I want to move out of state at some point, does it matter where my BSN is from/if it's from a different state that I get liscned? Or is the only thing that matters is my RN liscensure? I know you have to transfer your liscnese to a which ever state you move but is the BSN statues okay no matter which state your in? It's like any other bachelor degree status? I just want to make sure before I plan anything. Would hate to my BSN in IL and find it i should have gotten it in the state I moved to. Thanks!
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  3. by   llg
    Yes, the BSN is an academic degree just like any other. It is not dependent on the state. Once you have the degree, it is yours to keep.

    However ... there are some online schools that only operate in certain states. They don't have approval to run an educational program in every state and they therefore won't accept students from every state. The laws about schools running programs in states without getting approved in those states have been under review and changing in recent years. So some schools are being cautious about accepting students from certain states.

    So ... if you plan to move while you are still in school, make sure your school will still allow your enrollment when you move to your new state. You could get caught with an un-finished degree as you move and be unable to finish it. That doesn't happen often as the number of schools who are being that cautious is few, but it is something you should ask a school about before you invest a lot of time and money. Be sure you will able to complete your degree there even if you move.

    Good luck.