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  1. I graduated in May 2011 and after getting married and moving to another state im currently in missouri with my license. I have seen SO many samples of different types of resumes and they all seem to list different things. Can yall help with what I should put? Should I have a different resume for each job with more pertinent criteria for each job or just a general resume? My goal is something in womens health, nicu, peds. Thanks!

    note: it copied weird. Sorry!


    To acquire a lasting Neonatal ICU R.N. position that will further develop my skills and knowledge in a didactic and collaborative setting as I strive to become the best nurse I can be and an even greater asset to the company.


    Bachelors of Science in Nursing
    my school/state, May 2011
    Cum Laude, GPA: 3.5/4.0; Dean's List: three of five semesters


    Methodist Hospital - Acute Care Clinical
    - Provided primary care under the supervision of preceptors: Physical assessments, updating, executing, and evaluating nursing care plans, and implementing evidence based practice into care plans
    - Collaborated with team members such as respiratory therapy and physicians
    - Care included newborns with encephalopathy, cardiac deformities and genetic abnormalities, prematurity, and peritoneal dialysis
    - Comforted patients and caregivers with emotional support and education
    - Attended an at risk delivery and was instructed on the assessment and protocol to admit a newborn to the NICU
    - Observed: PEEP monitoring, ECMO, ventilators, Therapeutic Hyperthermia, and surgery at bedside

    University Hospital - Labor & Delivery Clinical
    - Performed focus assessments on mothers before, during, and after delivery, and neuromuscular and physical maturity assessments on neonates
    - Assisted patients during childbirth by coaching, educating, monitoring vital signs and contractions, analyzing fetal heart rate, and providing emotional support during all stages of labor

    Christus Santa Rosa Children's Hospital - Pediatric Clinical
    - Attended a cardiac catheterization insertion to observe correct procedure
    - Rotations included COPS, ER, PICU, PIMC, Oncology, and Special Medicine
    - Consulted with team members such as respiratory therapy, physicians, and physical and occupational therapy
    - Educated while assisted the physician in PICC line insertion
    Livingston, pg 2 of 3


    Registered Nurse, Missouri Board of Nursing, License Number ...
    Certification, American Health Care Academy, Adult, Child, Infant CPR/AED, Current
    Certification, Red Cross Disaster Services Training, Current
    Certification, BCFS Medical Shelter Manager, Current


    Recipient, Grant for Community Service Project, 2011
    Member, National Student Nurses Association, 2009-2011
    Member, Juntos Podemos, school 2009-2011
    Member, Student Body Organization, school 2009-2011
    Service and Outreach, Sigma Phi Lambda (Christian Sorority); organized multiple opportunities for service in the San Marcos community 2007-2009
    Volunteer, Special Olympics, 2 events per semester 2008-2011
    Student Volunteer Connections, attended weekly meetings, completed various volunteer opportunities throughout the semester
    Volunteer, youth sports league, cleaning up the ballpark and making repairs to any damaged property 2005-2007


    Alternative Therapies Course
    Spanish I for Nurses Course
    Administer PO, IV, NG, topical, rectal, vaginal, IM, and peg tube medications
    Assisted with activities of daily living
    Insert, maintain, and removal of NG tube, Foley catheter, intravenous catheter
    Care and maintain chest tubes and drains
    Caring, compassionate, accountable, humble, genuine, sociable, and organized


    Private Child Care Provider state, 2008-2011
    Lead Camp Counselor state, Summer of 2008, 2009
    Peer Advisor for Health Careers state, 2008-2009
    Waitress location, 2007
    Lighting Technician Supervisor location, 2005-2007
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  3. by   unsaint77
    you are the cream of the crop. I wish I had the half of your experience. I am a rookie but I am pretty good at resume. Change how you worded your objective. It sounds more like what the job can do for YOU. it has to sound like what you can do for the employer.
  4. by   estubbs07
    Thank you for that comment. I was just blessed to have awesome clinical instructors who gave me the opportunity to practice in my desired fields for experience. I'm still a rookie though as well I will work on the objective, thank you!
  5. by   estubbs07
    what about....

    "to acquire a lasting neonatal icu r.n. position that will further develop my skills and knowledge in order to be an even greater asset to the company and our customers."

  6. by   unsaint77
    it still comes across to me as being more focused on your benefit. it must be the words "further" and "my" used together. if it was me, i would only say "to acquire a lasting neonatal icu r.n. position."

    it would make only a tiny difference but that tiny might be what makes or breaks.

    chamber of commerce or unemployment offices have people who would critique resumes for free.