Nursing jobs in Alabama???!! ADN/BSN/PUH

  1. Hello,

    I am a current undergraduate public health student and I was originally going for nursing at UAB after transferring from JSU ( aka party city) in 2011 with a 2.73 ... but things didn't go so well. They were only taking in people who had at least a 3.6 and i had a 3.0 .... because i got a C in micro and mostly B's with A's in chemistry ..
    ( The A's I'm particularly proud of )

    Im currently finishing up my B.S with a psych. minor and I m thinking about trying again at Jeff State or Samford for the 2nd degree program and I don't doubt that i will get into jeff state.

    I guess my main concern is getting a job as a nurse . I have over 100 hours volunteering with UAB , AIDS Alabama and I held a temporary patent services job at UAB last year .

    Im willing to settle to work in home health if need be . While i get my BSN online or something . Im just unsure and trying not to get discouraged ... Is there anyone out there working fresh out of school with an ADN ? Or with an ADN and a health related B.S degree?? I would greatly appreciate any feedback !
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  3. by   applewhitern
    There are plenty of hospitals in Alabama that hire the ADN. There are a few that have a new-grad nurse program specifically for those without experience, Jackson in Montgomery does. The only hospital that I am aware of that requires the BSN is UAB.
  4. by   angel091
    yeah .. they say that it's preferred to have a BSN on the website for the job position but i figured that might be true because UAB pumps out new BSN grads every semester ...
  5. by   angel091
    thanks !