I passed NCLEX: given a PL license?

  1. I took and passed the NCLEX-RN on Thursday and was given another provisional license. It states that if I need my license before June 1st to call. I am going to call at lunch today, but was wondering why I was not issued my RN license as it should be? Any advice? I went to verify my license on KBN and my name is listed twice- both with a provisional license and two different license numbers.
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  3. by   myladeybugg
    I don't know why you received a provisional license. I took the NCLEX last year and received my license in the mail within 2 weeks and was never issued a provisional license. Maybe it is something new they are doing?
  4. by   MamaENH
    i have emailed the board multiple times and finally xyz called me back today. she is holding everyone's license that have passed recently until june 1. if she were to issue us all our license now, it would expire and be due for renewal october of this year. we would be required to pay $50 renewal fee and obtain 14 ce's by then as well. if she waits until june 1, our license will be valid until october of 2013. she said we should see our license # around lunch time on june 1. so in all actuality they are doing us a huge favor, i just wish they would explain this in writing somewhere and we were not all left stressing that we have missed something!!! rachel also said that by issuing the pl we were still able to work of course and if we needed our rn # before june 1, she could issue it you would just have to go through renewal in october 2012.
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  5. by   myladeybugg
    At least they were looking out for you guys! I have never heard of anything like this before! Glad you found an answer!