HESI entrance nursing exam TX

  1. I'm applying for the 2 yrs nursing program at HCC, TX and there requirement is I have to take the test before pharmacology class and entering the program. They're not offering the test right now so I'm try to find somewhere that I can take the test and bring the result back to them. Please tell me where I can take the test cuz I been looking for many places already. Thank you very much.
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  3. by   lcapNICU_RN
    Have you tried a prometrics testing center. That is where I took my HESI A2. Here is the website for the company that makes the exam. https://evolve.elsevier.com/staticPages/s_index.html I had to become eligable to take the exam first then I could register for the exam. Here is the link to the PDF I had to fill out to become eligable https://www.twu.edu/nursing/prometic...ity_061809.pdf I'm sure that the school you are looking into has a similar PDF
  4. by   phuongmai_ho
    Thank you very much for your reply
  5. by   Streamline2010
    (old thread but I'll post this for reference) As I understand it, the schools can customize the HESI to some extent, or use portions of it and omit the physics or whatever. I have had no luck getting any schools to accept my HESI score taht I took at some other place. Each school seems to have a rule that it must be taken there. It's a computerized test, so I really don't see why unless the issue is the customizations and / or difficulty level.