Certification Exam for Transplant

  1. Sorry, I didn't see a transplant forum so I had no idea where to post this!

    Has anyone taken the CCTC or the CCTN exam? (Certified Clinical Transplant Coordinator or Nurse).

    I am sitting for the CCTC exam and do not know anyone who has taken it recently and just wanted some feedback on how difficult the test is, how you prepared for it, how helpful the detail content outline was etc. Also does anyone know what a "passing score" is for this exam?

    Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!
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  3. by   emilynorth
    Hi I know this isn't an answer to your question but I wrote a question about transplant nursing earlier and no one has answered it. My question was. " I am interested in learning about becoming a transplant nurse and am wondering how and where i need to start. And info would help and be appreciated!!". Are you working in transplant or what have you done to get to that position. I am interested but have no idea where to start. Thank!
  4. by   ghillbert
    A good place to start is working on a transplant stepdown floor or transplant ICU to get familiar with the procedures and the medications etc. You can then become eligible to sit the CCTN certification exam.

    Or you can apply for a transplant coordinator job (usually BSN required) and after 1-2yrs in the position, you can apply for the CCTC certification.

    I started working in a cardiothoracic surgery/transplant ICU and ended up in transplant/device area. I have various certifications but I'm taking the CCTC next month as I'm working more on the transplant focus now.

    Edit to say: CCTC covers all transplant specialties (eg. renal, intestinal, cardiothoracic etc) so you need to study up. Three of our heart transplant coordinators failed it the first time and said it was very comprehensive. I'm studying with the ITNS DVDs as well as the Mosby Core Curriculum for Transplant Nurses book. I'll let you know how the exam goes!
  5. by   ghillbert
    I took the CCTC exam last week and passed. It was quite difficult since my experience is all cardiac. The test covered pediatrics and adult, kidney, pancreas, lung, heart/lung, liver. The Core Curriculum for Transplant Nurses textbook very accurately covered what was on the test. I had no idea during the test how I was going, or whether I'd passed. Happily I did

  6. by   Amany2410
    Dear Ghillbert,
    I am working in kidney transplant unit but I am interested to have the CCTN exam , Kindly can you advice me ...which books I have to pay and how can I start study.
    Thank you