CCNE compared to NLN

  1. I am in the very inital stages of researching options for ADN to BSN.

    I realize that both are accrediting agencys, but am having difficulties comparing. Could someone either explain the difference, or better yet point me in the direction of good resources.

    Thanks! I'm off to look through old school lecture notes, but am afraid I have already recycled relevant paperwork...
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    Alright, while editing (yeah, typos!) I noticed a thread from Feb '07, read through and answered my most basic question. Guess I should do a search first next time - sorry Mods for extraneous thread.

    P.S. ... and this should probably be under the student forum. Guess I need to either get more sleep, or more coffee before continuing to post...
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    Glad to hear you've found your answer. Good luck to you. I'll just close this thread for you then.