A question about MEPN Programs

  1. So, I have a BA in Psychology and a minor in Spanish. I am very interested in nursing and have been looking into MEPN programs. As I understand it the first year is to become an RN. The following (two) years are to specialize and get a Masters Degree. I am interested in Critical Care and Trauma, as I have been working on this path, except in EMS.

    I am curious about some differing opinions of the MEPN programs and where most people are going upon completing these? Do you come out of it working as an RN or a CNS (Can anyone further clarify the difference). Is it harder to find work than if you were to complete just an RN program?

    Some of my questions come from a bit of information I found that seemed rather negative towards MEPN programs because of the accelerated nature of them and not providing or having enough experience...

    Thoughts, Comments, Concerns?

    Thank you!
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  3. by   UVA Grad Nursing
    The type of job that you obtain after you complete the program will depend on the setting and where you want to work. Here in Virginia there is fine Direct Entry NP program in Richmond. Graduates from that program who want to work at the UVa Medical Center in the ED or an outpatient clinic start as Clinician Is (the same level/job/salary as those with BSN degrees). After 2-3 years of direct patient care experience, they are then eligible to transfer to a NP position. Without several years of nursing experience post-NCLEX, they are just not competitive candidates for Medical Center NP jobs.

    But those who want to work in a rural county public health clinic or in a primary care clinic in a Walmart/CVS could likely obtain a primary care NP job right away.

    I am sure that others on this board can discuss what things are like in other parts of the country.