registered nurse fall 2010...pls help!!!


hello, everyone

I currently reside in California...I applied to many institutions for RN...but I haven't got any confirmation yet..I guess I will move to Texas. I wonder if any school is currenlty accepting RN applications??? please let me know ASAP...Btw, I don't have CNA..LVN...

Thanks in advance

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Texas is a big state. Where are you planning on going? Are you looking for an LVN, ADN, BSN? You might want to do a bit of research to see what schools are in the area you're planning on living, and see what their nursing program requirements are.

From what I've generally seen, you need to apply to the program you want to attend the semester before you plan on starting (you apply during Spring 10 to start during Fall 10) but it may vary based on schools.


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I live in San Antonio. The Baptist School for Health Professions has an ADN program and they are accepting applications through May 1st for the fall.