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Regis Nursing students?? Advice Please! (MA)


Anyone currently in a Regis nursing program (in MA) could lend me good insight here but I'd especially love to hear from anyone in the Part-Time BSN program.

I was recently accepted and think the program sounds awesome because I'd be able to work as a CNA while in school. It also seems like a great program, is close-ish to home and the school itself has a good reputation (except for the DE NP preceptorship haters). If anyone out there is reading this from Regis, what do you think about this program?? No one has graduated from the part-time bsn program yet so there aren't any NCLEX or employment stats. If you're at Regis right now, do you feel confident about your education? Your clinicals? Do you feel like you're being prepared to find a job when you graduate?

Any advice would be appreciated!


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