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Regis College PMHNP Jan 2021

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Hi there, 

Anyone planning on starting at Regis College for PMHNP this January 2021? 


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I am contemplating Regis College for DNP Nurse Educator track for 2021... I am curious as to others experiences with this program as well on any insight of how project/practicum hours work? 

from Regis website I am seeing 400 hours for the scholarly project and then under the education concentration I am seeing 24 hours fieldwork listed under each course, But when I look up the courses in the academic catalog I am seeing three different courses only having a 25 hour practicum attached to them? 

I've also noticed that there is a verification form for practicum hours completed under my Masters program. Which I had done through Chamberlain and was only 100 hours. So would that be subtracted from the scholarly project hours or the practicum hours? 

I am in a unique situation as I have to travel a great distance to undergo any type of practicum/clinical hours so in order to see if I am even feasible enough to begin this program I guess I need more info.

Any insight helps please and thanks 


All the best. Nursing program in Regis college is awful

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In the end, after many discussions with Regis College regarding my own personal story as mentioned above - was of no help to me. I decided Regis just wasn't a good fit. I am sorry you are or have been experiencing problems with their program - thanks for sharing. 

After investigating the DNP Nurse Educator program I have come to the conclusion that I would be re-paying for the same academia courses I took in my Masters program and quite frankly not learn anything new? why spend the $$. 

Since then I looked into other Doctoral Pathways and have decided on ED.D. route as I think that would best suit what I am looking to do anyways. Again Thanks for sharing and I hope that things turn around for you in a positive direction