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Regis Accelerated BSN January 2015



I thought I would start a thread and see if anyone is applying to Regis Accelerated BSN program that begins January 2015? I know the deadline isn't until June, but just wanted to get a head start! What is everyone's GPA like? I am trying to find a ballpark and see what the average acceptance GPA is! Hope to hear from people!

Hi! Just wanted to reply and let you know you're not alone on here! I'm applying to both Regis and UC-Denver. I think the average prereq is somewhere around 3.7, but don't quote me, I could be misremembering.

Have you submitted everything yet? I'm working through a draft of my essay and waiting on one reference. UC-D just started using NursingCAS as well and their essay requirements are more specific than Regis, and I'm wondering if I'll be able to select one of two different essays for each school - we shall see! Good luck and keep us posted!

Hey, just wanted to post again to bump this topic back up. Perhaps it can be moved to the Colorado section? Anyhow, my application is in and now I'm nervously awaiting any news! Anyone who's applied in the past have insight into when applicants will be notified for interviews?

Still eagerly waiting to hear back!

Hi all! I just received an email with an official offer from Regis for their accelerated program! I hope you all receive similar good news today!

Does anyone know how many alternates they have?

Hello everyone! I got my acceptance as well to Regis accelerated BSN. I'm so excited for all of us. Does anyone know if there is a Facebook group for our cohort or is anyone interested in starting one?

I'm interested! I was also accepted for January 2015 :)

I was accepted as well! Still waiting to hear back from UC Denver too though! Anyone have any idea where they are living? Also, how old is everyone on average. I just turned 21 a few weeks ago. I'm very excited!

Hey DaeP! Did you receive an email from CU just now? Of course their acceptance letters come just after Regis' deposit is due! I have some hard thinking to do, as CU will be far more expensive as an out of state student. I hope you're in a similar "unfortunate" but lucky position!

Hello CO-aBSN. I too am in the same situation! However, since i am an out of state student and this program is only one year I really am leaning heavily toward Regis. I am currently in contact with a financial advisor from Regis and it looks like they can offer me a lot more help than UC Denver can. Good luck with your decision! Ate you out of state too? Where from? I'm from Oregon.

Has anyone started a Facebook group? If so what is the name? I'm currently looking for living and roommates!


Hey everyone! I received notice a few weeks back that I'd been accepted as an alternate. A few minutes ago I got an email updating me-- I've been accepted to the main ABSN program! So for anyone else on the alternate list, thought I'd throw it out there that letters seem to be going out!

Looking forward to starting January. Good luck everyone!

Eric Starke