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Regional Blocks and School

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I have heard that there are different states that do not allow CRNAs to do regional blocks. Like PA? I was told U of Pittsburgh Students need to drive to Ohio to complete their competency. Is this true? If so what other states do not allow CRNAs to provide regional anesthesia? This may be a deciding factor in where I apply for CRNA school.


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There are no states that prohibited CRNAs from any anesthesia technique. There are institutions that prohibit CRNAs from selected techniques. One institution may not allow CRNAs to place labor epidurals, while in another institution all labor epidurals are placed by CRNAs. Your information about the U of Pittsburgh program is probably accurate, but it's not because the state of PA prevents students from being taught regional anesthesia. It's because the clinical sites of the U of Pittsburgh prevent it. You should consider these types of issues when selecting a program.