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Regarding algebra,bio,chem-help please


Many moons ago when I spent one year as a traditional college, student anyone could take intro to chem,bio or algebra. I need those classes to apply to most of the programs on my list(for 2010 admissions).

I have looked into attending these classes at a few community colleges. All of these schools want everyone to be tested and then the school determines if the student can take an intro class or needs a few development classes first. In other words, I would have to spend time and money taking the developmental classes before the intro classes...time and money I do not have.

To me it seems silly to be forced to take a developmental class before enrolling in an intro course,kwim?

Is this the norm? Do local high schools offer these intro classes to adult learners? Help!


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My CC required placement testing; they do this because they have an open enrollment policy (everyone who applies gets in) and they want to make sure students are ready for the classes they take.

What I did was to do some review work before I took the placement test. English comp comes easily to me (plus I had those classes from my previous degree) but I was stressing over the math portion. I spent a couple of weeks reviewing algebra and ended up being recommended to start at the pre-calc level. I still have to take College Algebra for the RN program, but I don't have to do the pre-algebra classes first, thank goodness.

I'd recommend brushing up on your skills and trying to test out. My school actually had review tests online so I could see what kind of questions were on their placement testing.

Hi. I wouldn't have made it through Algebra without taking a remedial course first. It has been over 20 years since I had H.S. Algebra.( I have to unzip to count to 21!)I was fortunate to have the time/$ you lack. The science classes went a problem just the math. Chem kicked my butt ( my non-English speaking Nairobi Chem Prof. joined in the kicking as she hates men as well as being a horrible teacher). I didn't have to take any placement tests fortunately. By some weird twist of fate the admissions office accepted my SAT scores from 23 years ago. One female friend's SAT scores were more than 3 years old and she had to re-take it. Go figure! For once in my life having a penis is paying off! Good luck with your classes. I don't know if H.S.s offer classes you could take, but I know my college offers many tutoring opportunities, both online and from TA's btwn classes. Check with your advisor or with someone in the student success center on campus. They offer help to all, but especially for non-traditional students. Make friends with some people who have taken the Algebra class you need and ask for their notes. That is one thing that helped me tremendously. A friend gave me ALL her Algebra and Trig. class notes, tests, and print outs from her classes. Its a great way to supplement your own work. Good Luck!

Almost all, if not all, community colleges require admissions testing for English and math placement. Some schools require testing for placement in chem. They use this testing to prevent students from getting in over their heads by entering courses that they are not academically prepared for. Score well enough on the entrance exam and you will score into or above the level of the prerequisite course that your intended program requires. You can always request an exception to policy but don't expect it to be easy to get one. Study for the entrance tests so that you score where you wish to place.


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I would suggest brushing up also, and hopefully testing out of those courses you really dont think you need. Be aware though, that if you really dont remember things from high school or whenever you last took them then more then likely your going to be sorry.

ALL of the heavy science courses (AnP, Micro, Chem, etc) have been taught with the assumption that you have a strong hold on basic biology and algebra at my college. I actually tried to take a short cut and dual enrolled at another college (one that thier math is just "college algebra" and would have transferred into my current college as credit for both the pre and regular algebra classes I tested into) and failed miserably. Not only did I fail miserably, but I also had to drop the chemistry class I was taking at the same time because I didnt know didly squat about demensional analysis, etc. I tried taking the easy route and ended up screwing myself in the end, costing me tons more money and and 3 more full semesters then it would have been to just take the developmental courses in the first place.

Hindsight is 20/20 though, and after all that crap I start the program in the Fall! Whoot! It is possible, dont get discouraged!

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