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Hello everyone,

I applied for an online program to start Adult-Gerontology primary care NP. I have interest to work in inpatient setting. I have experience in internal medicine and cardiology. I was wondering if I am able to find a job after I graduate in hospital? I heard only Acute care NP can work in hospital?

Thank you

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Usually that is the case, that hospitals only take ACNPs but I know of at least one AGPCNP out there (she has a YouTube channel) and she is an AGPCNP that works as a hospitalist. Sounds like a great gig to work having the AGPCNP as opposed to the AGACNP. I guess it all depends on your neck of the woods and what types of jobs are available to AGPCNPs.

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@hafhaf: if you want to work in the acute care setting then you should pursue the adult-Gero acute care NP but I think the best way to figure out the scope and duties of each speciality would be to shadow a local NP who is an acute care NP and a primary care NP.

Good luck!

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If you already know you want to work inpatient then you should prepare yourself properly and complete an acute program.

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On the other hand, if you can't make up your mind, there are dual FNP/ACNP programs you can apply to. This way you have the best of both worlds.

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