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I have 25 plus years of varied experience, took 7 years off, successfully completed a nurse refresher course an dnow working in Hospice. Looking to get into Case Management...any recommendations for the best on-line or other Case Management course to take to help with the process. I realize one can't take the CCM course/exam without experience, but would like to get some education in Case Management that would then help with getting a job.


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Try ccmc. I believe it is a .org site. Also, maybe look for the various nursing case manager associations and when they are having conferences or seminars most conferences like this take non-members as it brings in money. Also, career wise many home care agencies hire RNs to case manage without experience and this might be a good start.

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I would try the ANCC (American Nurses Credentialing Center).

They have review resources and seminars, eligibility criteria in addition to sample test questions.

With your 25+ years experience you may be surprised how much you know rather than what you don't know :D

Good luck!

Thanks for the advice. Anyone heard of AAMCN and their home study course for case management?

There are some good case mgmt related courses here:

There is also a one day seminar: Best in Class Case Management which moves around the country. It is advertised on

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