red convertables make everyone look good

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after years of driving ugly beater cars my husband and I splurged and got a nice little red convertable. I have noticed that this car makes me look a lot thinner prettier, younger and dumber. men will pull up beside me at a red light say "nice car" and then ask me to pull over or get a drink or have sex. most of these men are driving 20 year old faded blue chavettes or 20 year old pickups with chains holding the hood in place,have missing teeth and "mullet" hair. My husband who is 49 years old and has very long grey hair and a grey mustache (fu manchu) was driving when we were going out to dinner. a man on a moped pulled up beside us and started shouting "hey girls" my husband turned to look at him and the man says would you two girls like to meet me and a buddy for drinks. My husband says to me "you weren't jokeing this little red car makes everyone look slutty."

lol. Been thinking of maybe trading the merc for a convertible. Maybe I'll just rent one on the weekends. Sex and drinks are great but I need a little rest in between.


I hear ya! Just bought a convertible about 3 weeks ago. Haven't had so much male attention in 20 years...Doesn't matter that I am terribly overwieght and aging...Just yesterday evening a guy behind me kept raising his eyebrows in an enticing manner everytime we would stop at a light. Hootin and Hollerin seems to be the reaction. I love it!:eek:

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I used to work with a gorgeous redhead who bought a red convertible (as if she needed more male attention!) who was a transplant co-ordinator. When some hot shot motorcyclist would pull up to her and start feeding her a line, she'd smile sweetly and hand them a card-- for organ donation!

She also referred to the color of her car as being "pull-me-over red" because of the number of times she got stopped for speeding!

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