Rec's for good online CMEs: primary care peds/adult


Hi all! I will be switching some vacation days to conference days and am trying to figure out which online CMEs to do. I am in primary care at an FQHC. Some of what I'm considering:

-Various Fitzgerald courses, including lab interpretation and several of the other shorter more focused courses. Would like to reinforce and expand my general primary care expertise so that I've got a higher percentage of the info I need easily accessible in my brain.

-Pediatrics: I would really like to have a good focused overall peds primary care review because I haven't had the amount of peds younger than teens that I'd like and will hopefully be expanding my peds panel. I've considered doing a PNP board review but that not sure that's the best bang for my buck/time?

-National HIV curriculum: I'd like to become credentialed for HIV care and I've heard this is a good start. Concerned that doing this might take up most of the week and not allow enough time for my other needs above, and also looking at it wondering if it is all reading and no video? Not sure I will have the focus/environment to do that in an intensive time frame.

Would love to hear recommendations - CME courses (or sources) you've loved or think would be a good fit?


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I enjoy courses provided for FREE by,, and I don't know too many pediatric options but these sites are great for primary care.