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Hi, I work in a plastic surgeon office (1 doctor) in NJ. We have begun to do laser liposuction in the office and after the fact learned that we should be accredited by an agency for patient safety. Liposuction is the procedure that qualifies us to be accredited. The law states that liposuction is an invasive procedure that should be in a patient safety accredited facility as there can be conscious sedation, general sedation performed at the time. We are doing conscious sedation. The most we will liposuction in the office is =2L. In one part of this it states that it is for up to 5L. As this is for patient safety, which is always a good thing we are doing it and also to CYA.

I have never gotten an office ready for accreditation, nor worked in one that needed to be so I feel 100% lost and confused and having no knowledge whatsoever. I am preparing the crash cart currently, have almost all of the medications ordered and am working on a log for the crash cart.

I have Googled many phrases, viewed different websites, articles, asked some friends in the field and I would like to know how to make logs - for the autoclave, crash cart, O2 tank, medication (orally: Percocet, Phenergan, Valium, Lorazepam, etc.), and any thing that I have missed that requires logging. I do not know what criteria must be included, what the format should look like, if it can be sheets put in a folder v. a bound book. I cannot find a sample of a log anywhere, or a log book to buy which would be ideal. I do understand that it some of these criteria can be preference of whomever is inspecting/accrediting the office but I need a few starting points.

Is it OK for me to contact the accreditation agency (AAAASF) we are going to use before the fact that we apply? I don't know if it will penalize us or push things forward faster, or be in our favor or even not matter at all.. I am hesitant to do us as I can and can't see why it would hurt us but I don't want to risk it until I am advised otherwise.

As this is new I am totally open to any seasoned pro's out there who have their own systems of organizing and preparing/maintaining these responsibilities.

I am not bothered by doing the research and work that is required with this but I feel like I have hit a wall and don't know where else to go from here. I don't know anyone else that has prepared for an accreditation, my friends work in surgical centers and have provided the items in their cart and their crash cart logs for a reference but do not know what the requirements are.

Any and all information is more than appreciated. I feel overwhelmed and out of my league.

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Your physician should know how to do these things. He was not keeping track of controlled substances prior to now? A huge DEA no-no!!