I am lost in pediatric math...any help would be great...math competency test in 24 hrs!

Order: 250 mg ampicillin IV Q 8 hrs

On hand: Ampicillin 1.5 grams to be reconstituted with 8.4 ml water

How many ML=one dose?

How to you set this up using dimensional analysis????

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Figure out the reconstituted concentration, shift the unit scale for the ampicilin to the proper magnitude, put your desired dose in the place where its unwanted unit will cancel out, and you'll come out with a volume that's your answer.

If I tell you any more than that, I'll just be giving you the answer without letting you learn how to do it. I do have to wonder how you passed HS Chem, let alone Gen Chem.


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Set it up like this:

order x what you have on hand

So, 250mg x 8.4/1500mg = how many mLs


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Thanks, just needed a not aking for the answer..everyone started somewhere..