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Wanting some tips on recommended must-have books to read for midwives or those just starting midwifery school.....thanks!


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Hi ObnurseShelley... I read "Babycatcher" by Peggy Vincent..let me tell you it is one of my favorite books of all time!! Honestly I stopped before it ended because I did not want to forget to purchase it for my book collection..(I took it out of the library)

I have so much respect for midwives, even more than before. I now regret I hadn't listened to my mom about having one when I was pregnant with my daughter.

If you want more proof of why you should read it...on, 73 people reveiwed it...ALL gave it 5 stars. Her delivery stories are broken up like mini anthologies, and she writes about how becoming a midwife affected her family, very personal, touching book. Well, I guess I've gone on enough-

please check this book out!

Has anyone else read it?


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Me again.. I also think this book should be of interest to you...I will write what the person who reviewed it said about it:

Anatomy and physiology for Midwives by Jane Coad, Melyvn Dunstall

"I thoroughly enjoyed this informative and innovatine book. If you are a student midwife or a current midwife this book is a must have.It covers all the aspects of the anatomy that we need to know to better inform our patients about embryologyand how the pregnant body works and sustains itself during pregnancy.

The illustrations are incredibly helpful. If you are a visual person this book is definetly for you. The book includes learning outcomesand chapter summaries. There are also many case studies which make you think about how you would respond in real life. It also covers reproductive physiology, labor and postpartum." - N.M Nelson

Thats just another recommendation for you--hope you like!


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Ina May's Guide to Childbirth by Ina May Gaskin is excellent. For a medical model text type book, Varney's Midwifery is good.

Be careful! It is addictive :o)

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