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Hi, I am a new grad RN in the bay area. I just passed the NCLEX last January and still couldn't find a job. I've been calling some hospitals about new grad programs but some of them wouldn't open for this year. I've been applying to some nursing rehabilitation facilities, but I haven't got any positive response from them. Actually, I wouldn't mind relocating so I even tried applying in socal and central california, but still no luck. Does anyone have any advice for me in job hunting? And so I'm also thinking of moving to New York with my husband, but I want to know if my California license would be cancelled if I'll get like a reciprocity for a New York RN license. I don't want to leave Cali, I think this is the best place ever for me, but if I can't find any job here, I think its best for me to go out of state. I just want to know if its a right decision to go out of state, and if anybody know the steps in applying for reciprocity in NY. Thanks a lot!


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I'm not sure about the steps but if you do get your NY license you can still keep your CA license , you just have to keep paying to renew it.

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Go to the New York State Board of Nursing website, look for Licensing by Endorsement. Avg cost for license by endorsement is $200, not including fees for requesting information from the CA BRN to be sent to New York.

My sister is an RN/ANP in New England, she's been telling me it's impossible to find nursing jobs in the North East.

So before you decide you want to move anywhere, make sure you have a solid job.

Does it have to be New York? Arizona has some really nice facilities, esp in Phoenix, Flagstaff, Tuscon, Mayo Clinic. Then there's Oregon, Washington State, and Nevada.

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