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I accepted a job and started in January on an acute care pediatric unit at a university medical center. I previously had worked mostly with adult patients in many different settings as both an LPN and then an RN. I do have some experience with newborns from a stint on L&D, and some general peds experience from 5 years of family practice. My question is this ..... how long does it take to feel comfortable? :uhoh3: I am nervous and anxious a lot :confused:, this is so much different than anything I've ever done. Looking for encouragement and support! Thanks in advance!



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Congratulations on your new job! I'm 1.5 years into my first nursing job, as a pedi bedside nurse. I'd say it took me about 6 months to stop being terrified, and another 6 months to be truly comfortable. Thankfully, I have very supportive co-workers with a great team spirit who are really good about supporting each other and reasonably patient with newbies like me.

Good luck!