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Recently accepted, advice please!

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Hello everyone, I was accepted a few weeks ago into OU's RN to BSN program. I have been reading through a lot of the boards for tips and advice and just would like some opinions! Here is the situation, I have an opportunity to have my tuition paid for me, but only from January to October of 2015. So I would really like to finish the program (or get as much done as possible), within that time. I will be working 36 hours a week of steady daylights. I do not have children or a spouse, and I am used to APA and school. There are two options that I have looked at for scheduling that will have me covered. So I would really appreciate any advice you have, especially on classes you think could be taken with each other or absolutely should be taken alone. I do not have my official DARs report, but I am almost positive I will only need the nursing courses, and Business communication, and maybe one other. I also hope to take a few psych classes in there, as I only need 2 classes to Minor. P.S. I am aiming for all As and was an A-B student in Nursing school. Heres what I have gotten so far from different posts:

4510 (alone to get a decent grasp of new program and busy work)

4520 (very heavy work load but not necessarily difficult)

4560 (easier) & 4550 (hard)

4540 (medium) & 4580 (hard)

4570 (depends on the TA)

4530 (busy work but not necessarily hard) & 4600 (hard)





4580 & 4540


4530 & 4560


In case you do not remember the course numbers and names:


4520- Health Assessment

4560- Gerontology

4550- EBP

4540- Community

4580- Leadership

4570- Diversity

4539- Family

4600- Excellence

Thanks so much for your time guys, I really appreciate it. I know I probably sound crazy, but I am sure you guys can understand my reasoning.

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applesxoranges is a BSN, RN and specializes in ER.

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4520 was easy in my opinion but a lot of typing. I viewed 4510 harder and I took both of them at the same time.

Also, you may need to factor in a writing class since they require a 300 or higher from a university. The community college writing classes usually do not cut it. Gerontology was an easier class.

I started March 24th this year and I will graduate in December assuming I pass my next few classes.

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ShantheRN has 4 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Pediatric Hem/Onc.

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4600 isn't hard, but I would recommend taking it alone or with a non nursing class. 4600 and your junior level comp class would be good. I think diversity, community, gero, and family were the easiest ones. I had 12 classes total. I started in May 2013 and just finished up. I could've been done over the summer, but I didn't realize some nursing courses weren't offered every session. No biggie though! The only thing I doubled on were non nursing classes :) Your plan is totally doable!

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Thanks so much for your replies! I have actually take statistics and a writing class that should cover that tier, at a 4 year college. The only problem is the writing class was also considered a humanities class. So they might count it for that instead of writing, once I get my DARs hopefully I will be able to revise my schedule a little better.

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