RECENT Kaplan advice. TAKE THREE

by nerdy student nerdy student (Member)

Ok, last time i tried to post this subject I got no replies. Then someone on here said I needed to reword or rephrase my question so it would get more responses. I'll try my best.

Has anyone taken then Kaplan Nursing School entrance exam since 2015. I have been reading through the topics and most of them are from 2013 to 2015 and I want to have something a little bit more recent to go off of. I am looking for advice...ANY ADVICE WILL DO...

I am taking my test of Nov. 4 216 and I am feeling extremely overwhelmed at the amount of material and how much it covers. My school requires a grade for writing and my study guide does not have a writing section. The math guide has everything from algebra to geometry with tons of equations and I don't want to waste my time on things I don't need to know. Also, genetics and physics are in the study guide and on my practice tests that is the one thing I keep missing. Before people jump on me about starting sooner, I have been studying since August and still feel lost.