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Recent DSN Graduates


I am looking for some information from recent Denver School of Nursing graduates. I am considering applying for the program but I am wondering what kind of jobs new DSN graduates are getting? And how DSN grads felt about the program, their clinicals, etc? Any information from DSN grads would be great!

I graduated from DSN in December with my ADN. My NCLEX is scheduled for next week, and my new grad program in the OR at Littleton Hospital starts at the end of February. I have classmates with job offers from Sky Ridge and Swedish. Getting a job is going to mainly depend on who you know and where you are placed for some of your clinicals, not necessarily the school (in my opinion). DSN has its share of problems - very disorganized communication from faculty regarding schedule changes and other important information. Clinical placement is a little spotty, we did several rotations in nursing homes rather than hospitals. I won't lie, it was VERY frustrating at times and I will not return to obtain my BSN. But, I also did not want to wait for some of the other schools or pay even more at some of the other private schools. So I guess it is a give and take situation. I do feel like we are very prepared clinically and I feel confident about the NCLEX because of the HESI testing that DSN requires each quarter.

Good luck in you decision.

I'm a DSN BSN graduate from 2011. I passed the NCLEX the first time as I believe 90% or more of my class did and I had no problem securing my job as a result of contacts I made during my clincals. I don't think there is a Nursing program on the planet that doesn't have clinical issues. I've been told that the shortage of clincal sites is the main reason that there aren't more nursing schools available. If you're going to attend any nursing school you have to be flexable and dedicate your time to school. The only students that I was aware of that had any issues with passing courses or clinical schedules were trying to work too much while they were in school. My admissions person told me the first thing that I would have to put 150% into the school to make it through, so I did. We heard from some of our clincal sponsors that they actually preferred DSN students over some of the other well know schools because they felt we were much better prepared. Warts and all I really enjoyed my experience at DSN and will highly recommend it to anyone that's serious about getting the best education. Oh and we had fun with all of the Student Nurses Asscociation activities we did as well so make sure you get involed with the DSN SNA! Good luck to you!