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receiving ATT takes long time.

injungko injungko (New) New

Hello, im a korean nurse who wants to take nclex..

so im watiting to receive att.. i takes really long time.

I applied this process last year, on march 2014.. OMG..

MY CVS is just done last month, but im not sure if it's complete.. because my university made mistakes several times...

anyway my file went to Comparative Education Unit on 2/18/15 for the evaluation of your education.

if my file is on evaluation, does it mean that my file is complete?

I want to know if my file is not complete, NYSED notices required documents before going to comparative education unit.

I hope someone knows about it in detail..

Silverdragon102, BSN

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If the file has moved forward then you should be getting an answer soon on whether you have eligibility to sit NCLEX. Usually once the file moves forward you get an answer within 2 months as usually the board meets once a month