Received a job offer - need advice!


I am a relatively new nurse and I've been working as a Psych nurse for a year now! I recently got offered a new job within the same health system except in a different hospital on the telemetry floor. I am super excited for this!

When I had the conversation with HR on the phone, it was kind of an awkward talk. I felt like the HR person was pushing me to accept the job immediately but I still had some unanswered questions detailing about the job and training. Mainly because I'm going to be moving an hour away from home and living on my own - I want to make sure this is the right job for me. I requested if it was possible that I talk with the manager because it didn't seem like she knew the specifics about training (how many weeks s training, what days I would be working, would I be working weekends).

She seemed taken aback/annoyed by it and said, "Didn't you talk with the manager couple weeks ago?" I did have an interview with the manager but it felt rushed. The manager didn't even walk me out and say goodbye because she was busy doing something else. Another floor nurse had to walk me out.

I also asked about the hourly wage and it's going to be the same as I make now $29.32/hour. I asked if there was any flexibility with the offer, and she said "No. It's set by the union according to the grid". I was a little taken aback by this too because where I work now there is a shift differential for working overnight. It's not a deal breaker for me but I was expecting to get paid a little more because I feel like the telemetry unit will be more intense than psych.

But anyways, I was wondering your guys' opinions? Was it wrong/rude for me not to accept it right away? The HR person made me feel I should have accepted this job immediately over the phone, but I just wanted to know more specifics about the job. I wanted to know how long training would be because I've never been on the medical unit before, so I'm almost like a new grad nurse.