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Received employment inquiry today and what's going to happen next?


I did my test and filled out my online correctional nursing application about 1 month ago, today I've received employment inquiry asking me if I'm still interested in this job, and request me to send out the form before the dead line if I do still want this job. I was wondering after I send out the form telling them that I'm still interested in becoming a correctional nurse, and what do I expect next then? are they going to schedule a interview? and how long it's gonna take to hear back from them again?

Thanks lotssss

lumbarpain, ADN, RN

Specializes in Geriatric/Sub Acute, Home Care. Has 17 years experience.

bluesky.....I am in the same predicament...I am changing careers and trying to find out more info about the position before actually applying......hope I find out more .......I dont know the process of the ACTUAL WAIT for a response....seems to me they sure take their sweet time!!!! Good luck to you>