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I am a nurse working at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, a fairly large university hospital. This is the only place I've worked in my entire nursing career. I am interested in working at St. Rose Siena Hospital, I suppose it would have to be a med/surg floor because I only have experience working in neurology/neurosurgery and I don't believe they have a neuro specialty floor. Any advice on going from a large teaching hospital to a much smaller one? Do you have phlebotomy teams and IV nurses, or do the nurses do all of that stuff on their own? Also, if you don't have resident doctors on call, who do you page at night if you need something...the attending at home? Oh yeah, and any specific info on St. Rose nurse/patient ratio and anything else you want to tell me would be very very helpful!!! I would appreciate any advice!!!


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Hello...I am an RN who relocated from Baltimore to Vegas. What a shock! Things are very different here. I was an OR nurse, till I came here. After 18 months working in this town I left the OR for a claims examiner position. In my opinion, the nursing shortage is much worse here. The nurses are unionized (which is a whole new concept for me), and I hear St. Rose has the best union packages, in town. I have been to the Sienna campus, and it is nice. One of my friends worked there (in the OR) and her only reason for leaving was too much on-call, as she has a baby at home. Be prepared for some terrible traffic, and (even worse) terrible seafood! LOL! Oh how I miss those steamed crabs! I heard St. Rose's new campus (San Martin) will have a neuro program. They are scheduled to open next month. That's all I know about St. Rose...hope it helps a little.

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If you are interested in neurology/neurosurgery, Sunrise Hospital has a nationally recognized Neuroscience program. St. Rose definitely has the highest paid nurses in the city, but you will still be faced with a HUGE nursing shortage. I am still finishing up my BSN program right now, so I am not working as a staff nurse yet, so I really can't elaborate on your other questions. However, I do know of the call situation. Even though St. Rose isn't a "teaching" hospital persay, local residents at other hospitals still do some rotations at St. Rose.


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i work in st rose & we have actually a neuro interventional radiology & siena has become a stroke facility so all nurses in siena has to take the neuro nursing test over the internet.we have inhouse 16 hrs lecture(paid by the hospital & you are paid per hr as well) on neuroscience's only st rose that has a better staffing than other hospitals in the valley.

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