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I was very excited to hear about a travel position in a small town in Colorado near where I have relatives living. I emailed my resume and skills list and spoke with the recruiter. She said the only thing I needed to do was interview with the hospital. I told the recruiter the times I could interview, but then didn't hear back until about a week later. Recruiter said the hospital filled the position with a full time permanent nurse.

I had big plans and was devastated. Is there a good company with good recruiters? Does this happen often? It seemed the recruiter lost interest or something. The company was "Leapfrog".

Any advice would be helpful.


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It seems that this year positions have been going quickly (and there for a while, it seemed that positions seemed scarce, though I think this is changing a little). A traveler really needs to be on top of things and very ACTIVE with your recruiter/company in contacting facilites to obtain interviews.

Unfortunately, one of the downsides of traveling (since there are so many travel agencies) is that, for 1 position, there could be over 100 applicants. Not always that high a number, but you get the idea. So just applying for a position doesn't always mean you get an interview. And getting an interview doesn't always mean you get the position.

Was this to be your first travel assignment? If it was, don't be discouraged. Also, are you signed with only one travel company? Some travelers actually sign with many. I, personally, only work with one: RN Network. I have been with them over 2.5 years (same recruiter the entire time). I am not really picky on where I go, though. I am very flexible.

You might try other companies to see if they have positions posted near or at where you would like to be.

Keep trying and Good Luck!

(PS - I just noticed you said it was a small town in Colorado. If it is anywhere near skiing, those positons go fast!)

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Thanks for the info. It would have been my first assisnment. Live and learn.


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Well, don't give up! Traveling is a great way of life!!!:D


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That is frustrating!! When this happens it is usally a major communication break down between the hopsital and the agency. Call us at Health Force and we will let you know what is available and what to stay away from. 800-811-6062.

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rncopper is right, I applied to 8 hospitals before I got my current job. The competition is amazing right now because there are so many travelers, also pay rates are low which means more applicants for higher paying jobs. I have found it best not to "count" on a job until I actually get it, that way I am not disappointed. Of those 8 hospitals I applied to only one called back (not first choice either, oh well). Don't get discouraged. I travel with Cross Country...Wendy Rodriguez is my recruiter and I love her.

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