Ready for change but at a crossroad


Hi I am in need of some advice on a potential change I want to make in my career/life. I am an RN with bachelors and I am an operating room circulator for the past several years at a large hospital in San Diego (float)for almost 4yrs. Originally from NJ. I absolutely dislike the operating room and can't wait to get out! Ive been looking for quite some time for a new area of nursing that I might enjoy with not much luck and every potential lead requires FT, call which I really do not want. I have a husband and 2.5yr old and we would like to grow our family. I am currently PT so that I can spend time with my son. I have family in NJ and a part of me wants to try travel nursing temporarily so that we can spend a few months a yr with my family and also keep our rental in CA but I am concerned about the amount of commitment that will take like FT, call, and giving up my current benefits package. My second issue is I was also applying to another position in Santa Barbara CA about 4hr north of San Diego and have been offered an opportunity to interview for a RN coordinator position, FT, it will require more work but less physical strain of work like on the OR. My husband and I did meet in Santa Barbara and we often talk of moving back there bc we love it there and this would give that opportunity and potentially room for growth. I am just scared bc again going back to work FT and the move and also that wont solve the problem of seeing my family on the east coast. So my dilemma is how should I go about making a decision on what path to take as I am stuck in a rut and dont make changes for fear of all these variables. If I stay in my current situation I really feel unhappy and stress is wearing. Its been a long time Ive been trying to decide. Every time a new opportunity comes up I seem to find a reason to stay put bc that magic position hasnt appeared. Am I expecting too much? Probably homesick. I dont know how to make a move I guess. My husband works from home so its not an issue. He is kinda letting me take the lead as long as we can still live in CA a few months a yr. Any advice? I know its a lot and goes in many directions but any input is appreciated!


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Get out a pen and paper. Make a pros and cons list of each option. Weight each pro and con with a score e.g. if I was doing a pro and con list about a job I may give commute time a higher score because there is a train station at the hospital....

Add it all up and use it to guide your decision.