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I was a student at HFCN in 2006, I dropped out of the program by simply never returning shortly after Nursing 221 started. I am now trying to regain admission and its been extremely difficult. I requested to be readmitted in Aug 2010, I was told I must pay my balance of $2000 before I can be considered. I paid the balance, then wrote letter to Executive Committee as instructed. I am now awaiting an interview by the Executive Committee, I was informed that if I am accepted back it may be for the April semester.

I am extremely frustrated that I have to wait til April, I was so hoping to get in by November. The thing is I have been emailing Student Services and even the President of the school in the hopes to start in November and seems as if no one cares. The president of the school has never written back. If I have to wait til April then fine, but I haven't gotten any kind of assurance that I will even be readmitted. I'd hate to waste 6months and then find out they wont accept me back in. I can't imagine what takes so long to get an interview with the committee.

Has anyone else went thru this??

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I am currently a student at Helene Fuld and will be starting Nsg223 in Nov. tobe honest there is a waiting list for 221 nov. class. You may have better luck for the april class.

Thanks :) that makes me feel somewhat better....

I didn't know there were waiting lists at Helene Fuld? I thought once you are accepted into the program that it takes 12 months and thats it??

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