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Read Somewhere on here about ARNP/FNP

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First off, I havn't heard but to be a NP do you have to obtain a DNP now?

Also I read on a thread that was posted in '11 that you can make 100-200k as a NP is that true? Everywhere I looked it was around 80-120k at most, I was surprised when I saw this and wanted some insight, I am currently in a Nursing program and I have a long way to go but I was curious because I want to get my facts straight due to the fact I have an interview with friend of the Doctor I work for who is an NP, Just general questions anyway.


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For now, DNP is not required and likely won't be for awhile. NP programs are enjoying the flood of students, and becoming DNP only might deter all that extra tuition money for the schools. Not much incentive for doctorate only. It doesn't fetch a higher salary.

You can definitely make a high income as an NP, depends on how resourceful you are, which specialty you choose, and what region of the country you are in.

FNP salaries may be on the down swing since so many are headed in the direction, but there are always exceptions. I know one who makes 150k +

The new hot specialty is Psychiatric Mental Health NP. Plenty of jobs, and great earning potential. (For now, that is).

I see, thanks for the reply, Ill look more into it as I become an RN, for some reason I can't see NPs making more than 100k but I dunno, do some NPs work at different offices with a salary agreement or something? Haha sorry, Just wanting to know, I am not to worried about the money just wondering if its worth the schooling and apparently being looked down upon by MDs (which Ive heard about)


Specializes in Cardiac Cath Lab. Has 5 years experience.

From what I've gathered here on the allnurses site, it appears the NP's who do in-home assessments, medicare involvement, those working in minute clinics, psychiatric, and neonatology all yield the highest salary.

You should be interested in the money as things in the medical field change constantly and it is smart to do your research as you're demonstrating. It is worth noting that if you work in an NP-run practice or own your own practice your earning potential widens significantly.

In regard to MD's, some feel threatened because NP's can provide much of the same work they can, with less training. Some feel NP's are incompetent, in which case they are mistaken. Some love partnering with NP's and work very well together. It all varies.

I see, Well im not going to say I am not committed just for the patients, money is a factor, Ill look into it over the years, ill just focus on studying and learning as much as I can, thanks ICUman.


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