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reaching out for help


I know my quandary is not directly related to being a nursing student per se, but I'm really hoping for some sound, solid advice or assistance.

I'll be beginning my senior year as a nursing student this Fall, and I am unfortunatly going through a divorce. I need to refinance my house (I own it-it's in my name only) to lower my payment. The only road block is the mound of student loans I have built up. Although they are all deferred, they are still considered current debt.

Does anyone know of an organization, a lender, or ANYTHING that may be able to help me??

Rob72, ASN, RN

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Ugh. Have you talked with your current lender, already? With housing being what it is, they may be glad to have a "recommitment", particularly if they know you are shopping around.

Other than that, my only other thought would be joining a credit union, preferrably with an employer-affiliation. I know Veterans' has one and some private (non-corporate) hospitals still may as well.

I'm so sorry; one of the ladies in my class went through a similar situation. Hang in there...


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Man, tough spot. The only thing I can think of is maybe trying to sell it? Or maybe lease it out for market rent to pay the mortgage side while you move into a more affordable apartment until you graduate? Neither sounds like fun, but thats all I can think of doing to get free and clear of it until you could graduate. The only other option I can think if it taking out enough student loans to help cover your mortgage payments until you graduate, that might be tricky too. Your bank might offer free financial adviser assessments from certified advisers, mine does. Check there too, maybe they can see a total financial picture and give you the best advice. Good luck to you.

I'm just going to offer you good karma.

Keep your head in the game at school.

Not easy and I know exactly what you're dealing with... and when you have huge stress like that... ouch!

Stay focused and wish you the best.