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Hello everyone!.Does anybody of you here know this Agency? There office is actually in Brentwood TN..I'm a foreign graduate nurse and wish to know more about this agency as to the company reputation is concern, benefits, salary, etc..Any info on this matter will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance:)


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Hi Libra

My suggestion : GO LOOK FOR OTHER AGENCIES.. That will be goodd for you. I totally agree with pinkroyalty18 in another thread about Guardian Healthcare.. Their contract is TRULY one-sided no more no less.. I know of dozens of nurses who were hired by this agency and are now in TN working like Carabaos (Filipino term for "elbow-grease" or working hard) and NOT being compensated as promised.

Theye tend to replace your contract at the last minute before the US embassy interview.. In their experience the initial contract they signed (2 years before the interview) has $15K as penalty. Then just before the US embassy their changed it to $45K plus other fees.. If you go over their contract carefully its really one-sided.. its always in favor of the employer.

Also their scheme is really tricky.. The nurses remembered that before they ever signed up, their were promised of night differencials, bed side burse rates, free insurance etc.. and yet when they arrived here in the US none of those were given..

So I suggest before you sign any contract be sure to read through it and if possible let someone else who is knowledgeable like an attorney to go over it and be sure to "read between the lines". There may be clauses that are vague.. If they promised night differentials, bedside nurse rates etc.. verbally or thru some flyers, be sure to let them include those in the contract.. because that is what happened to these nurses..

Anyway if you need further info about guardian healthcare providers just let me know..

In fact I discourage ALL FILIPINO NURSES to sign up with this agency that takes advantage of our weaknesses when it comes to nursing opportunities. There are many many loopholes in their contract and system.

Pls look elsewhere as there are dozens of other agencies that over Full benefits and dont charge exhorbitant breach of contract fee ..

$45,000 is just ridiculous!!


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thanks jamx! pm'd you! please check:(

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